Dear Friends,

Because of the complexities of our Sleep Bracelet, we decided to dedicate an entire website to it, giving people a place to read up and be educated on the unique and innovative frequency technology used in the bracelet. Now there is a place to read about the product, see how the technology works, and hear about people’s experiences using the bracelet to help them improve their quality of sleep.

We hope that you find the site helpful and look forward to hearing from you about how the Sleep Bracelet has helped you get a more restful night’s sleep.

All the best,

Will A. Stein

Co-Founder and President

We are a wearable, well-being technology company, and our mission is to improve people’s quality of life through our innovative products. We combine our Natural Frequency Technology with stylish designs and high quality craftsmanship.

Sleep is a vital part of our life. Lack of sleep can be detrimental to our overall health and inhibit our ability to function in day to day tasks. This led us to develop our innovative sleep bracelet.

A clinical trial has shown that when the sleep bracelet is worn regularly, people fall asleep faster and improve their quality of sleep.